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"That [Realms of Armistace] was fun! I liked how the storyline was. It's very nice. Thank you!" -Franklin, San Diego, CA

"It's interesting. It [Realms of Armistace] has lots of room to grow." -Greg, San Diego, CA

"It's good to see. When you exercise, you sharpen your body. Doing this [Role-playing ROA], you sharpen your mind." -Manager, McDonald's, San Diego, CA

"The Realms of Armistace is a good solid system. I really enjoyed myself. I have nothing bad to say about it."  -Randall, 25 Year Veteran RPG'r, San Diego, CA

"The two stories that I read were both wonderful, I don't know if I could pick a favorite. I'd have to go with the first one I read, the one about Rayne." -Rachel, San Diego, CA


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