Aliens vs. Humans: They're Coming


Aliens vs Humans: They're Coming

Players:     2-6                                                                                                             Suggested Ages: 12+
Time:        60 minutes +

Goal:         ALIENS: To make it back to the ship and escape Earth                           HUMANS: To recapture the Aliens

Description: In this 2 part game, Aliens are escaping the Human facility to evade recapture from the Humans, who are cruelly using them as guinea pigs for experiments. The first part entails the escape from the facility and the pursuit of the Humans to recapture them. The second half contains the chase to the Mother Ship. Should the Aliens reach the Mother Ship, they win. If at any time, the Humans recapture all of the Aliens, the Humans win.

Which faction are you rooting for?

Coming Winter 2021!

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