Here at Armistace Games, we are always looking for fresh new talent from those wanting to creatively assist us in furthering our vision.

To this end, we have put together a description of the most common positions we hire for. Please check out our What's Happening page for updates as to which positions are currently open. If you wish to apply for any position within Armistace Games, be sure to include the title in the subject heading line. Due to the amount of e-mail recieved, please allow 2-5 business days for a response.


Playtesting for the Realms of Armistace requires little more than an imagination and some dice. We supply you with rules, paper, pencils and even snacks to keep you going, as well as a rich and inviting story-lined world in which to immerse both yourself and your character.

A playtester will meet in a group of 2-5 players, usually on a weekend day for 3-5 hours per session. A session consists of either building a character and playing them, or continuing a character previously created, as well as filling out a feedback form so that the game may improve. Compensation is provided for anyone who participates in a session.

The Grandmaster of Games, or the Lady of the Stars will act as your Realm Master, guiding your character through the adventure, providing a backdrop of a world, storyline, encounters, quests and treasure. You will play a character in this epic multi-time (fantasy, modern day, future/sci-fi, or Realm Specific) adventure, depending on the needs of the Grandmaster, as well as the interests of the group as a whole. One campaigned adventure usually lasts between 2-12 weeks, and playtesters are encouraged to commit to the duration of the campaign when they sign up.


Illustrators are the backbone of the Realms of Armistace, providing the visual references for players, Realm Masters, and readers alike. Illustrators are paid by commission plus royalties if hired as an independent contractor, or salary plus commission plus royalties if paid as regular staff.

An illustrator will be a good listener (to gain ideas as to what we are looking for), as well as possess the desire to diligently produce the quality images that were commissioned for the work in progress. Formal degrees or education are not required, merely the desire to work and create quality pieces of art.

An illustrator keeps the rights to all works of art created. Their artwork is used by permission, and are credited for any and all work used in our finished products. Henceforth, they recieve royalties for every book sold with their illustrations contained within.


Novelists are creative wordsmiths, weaving a storyline from thin air, mixing it with intrigue and identifiable characters, sprinkling it with conflict, and coming out with a story worth telling.

Novelists are required to have active imaginations, accurate grammar and punctuation, as well as solid storytelling skills. Flexibility in genres is preferred, as Armistace deals with multi-time based Realms, as well as epic Battles for Battledecks, and Tournament style duels in Signatures. Their job also requires that they make time to sit in on some game sessions to not only get ideas, but also perhaps create a novel based on either a specific character or group.

Novelists are paid royalties on top of their salary, as well as keep all rights to their novels.


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