The Realms of Armistace

 The Realms of Armistace has been 24 plus years in creation. It is a role-play system unlike any other. As a paper and pencil role playing game, The Realms of Armistace fosters imagination (as well as basic math), allowing you to leave reality for a while and be someone completely different.

The Core Rulebook I: Player's Edition provides 10 basic classes and 10 different races, unseen in any other role play game. Core Rulebook II: Realms Master's Guide provides instruction how to create your own realm, and the rules for running an ROA session. Core Rulebook III: Monsters and Monstrosities is a wealth of knowledge on the monsters a character may face on their adventure. Together, these 3 books are a must for a gamer looking for a change of pace! (For those interested, we offer a discount for the set of books if purchased together.)

There are supplementary books as well, such as the Book of Elven Nations, documenting the different sub-species of Elf, the histories and myths, festivals and rites. The Complete Book of Races allows you to go beyond the first Core Rulebook and custom create your own character, whose race might not be listed in the Core Rulebook I. The Complete Book of Classes further compound on this, allowing for more flexibility of Classes, which may not appear in the Player's Edition.

We also offer supplementary books of Realms, and Novels based on characters for the Realms of Armistace.


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